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Why won’t my garage door close?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your automatic garage doors won’t close and you are already late for work. Of course, you can call your local garage door repair service, but you still can’t leave for work and leave the doors wide open. So when your garage doors won’t close, here are 5 steps to try and locate the problem.

  1. Check the garage door remote: Did you drop the garage door remote and it’s now broken? Or are the batteries too old to work? Check the remote and make sure that it looks intact and then open it up and change the batteries.
  2. Is the power out? Funnier things have happened and in SEQ the power can go off at any time. So always check the electricity box and make sure that it’s not simply a power outage that’s causing the problem with your garage doors.
  3. Is anything in the way? Your garage doors are set so that they won’t close if something is in the way, so make sure that there is nothing underneath the doors preventing the mechanism from working. If the doors start to close and then bounce up again, this is the most likely problem.
  4. Is it in manual mode? There’s a switch on the motor that’s a safety feature and lets you open and close the doors manually in the case of a power outage. This switch disengages the motor, so if your doors won’t close make sure that it hasn’t been knocked over to manual. If it has, turn it to automatic and your garage doors should be fine.
  5. Check the rails: Another cause of a door that won’t close properly is damaged or warped rails. What usually happens is that the doors start to close, but get stuck on the rails and simply stop. If the rails are bent you might hear a grating noise as well. At this point you need to call your garage door repair service, because it’s going to take an expert to fix this problem.

These are some of the most common causes of garage doors that won’t close properly, so if you need help with broken doors or with a non-functioning garage door remote, get a quote online today.