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What’s so important about your roller door brush seal?

The roller door brush seal is fitted around the edges of both residential and commercial roller doors for a variety of reasons. These brush seals are installed at the same time as your roller door installation and serve four purposes:

  • To keep the air-conditioning or heat (depending on the climate) inside the property.
  • To ensure that rain doesn’t enter the property around the edges of the roller doors.
  • To keep bugs, insects and other pests from entering the property.
  • To prevent dirt and debris from blowing around the edges of the closed roller doors.

As you can appreciate, this simple roller door brush seal that is inexpensive to repair, has a big impact when it doesn’t work properly. If your doors ae insulated as well, broken brush seals can let the air-conditioning or warm winter heat leak out very quickly, increasing your power bills significantly.

A quick inspection will tell you if your brush seals need replacing – check if they are hard and brittle (they should be soft and flexible), and they could even be missing in places. United Doors are specialists in roller door repairs in Brisbane, so if you have problems with these brush seals, give us a call today and we will come around and repair them out for you.

Problems with commercial roller door brush seals

In commercial properties, one of the most common areas for heat or A/C loss is on the delivery dock where the roller doors are opened frequently. Whilst you can’t do anything about the opening frequency, you can make sure that the doors operate efficiently. You also don’t want rain to pour in around the closed roller doors and damage stock that is stacked nearby, simply because the roller door brush seals are faulty.

Problems with residential roller door brush seals

In residential properties, many homeowners convert the garage to a games room, outdoor lounge, workshop, office or keep it mainly for storage. Even if you park your car in the garage, it’s no fun having puddles of rainwater on the floor or dust, dirt and insects populating your garage.

Keeping the roller door brush seals well maintained will solve all these problems and a regular service will keep your roller shutters operating properly. For roller door installation or roller door repairs in Brisbane, get a quote online today.