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What type of roller door brush seal do I need for my garage doors?

A roller door brush seal helps to keep the elements from entering your garage and this includes pests and vermin as well. In general, there are four different types of roller door seals and the correct type should have been fitted during your initial roller door installation.

These seals don’t last forever and will eventually perish, needing to be replaced. If you think that one or more of your roller door brush seals needs to be replaced, you can save yourself a lot of grief by booking one of our technicians who specialises in roller door repairs in Brisbane.

Threshold seals: These are the seals you see fixed on the floor under your garage doors and designed to keep out rain and running water flowing into your garage. These seals usually have a yellow stripe running through them (so they can be seen easily) and are flat enough for your vehicles to drive over quite easily. They can be installed underneath both manual and automatic doors and can be included in your roller door installation or during roller door repairs in Brisbane.

Brush seals: These are a type of roller door brush seal that fits onto the bottom of the roller door to keep dust, leaves and small pests out of your garage. They can be cut to size, but can be very fiddly to fit or replace, as they need to be screwed in place. These are the cheapest of the seals, so are a popular choice for many homeowners.

Rubber blade seals: As an alternative to a roller door brush seal, rubber blade seals are stronger and less likely to break, but they are slightly more expensive. They are also fiddly to install, just like the brush seals, but are a good option for roller doors and last longer than the brush seals.

Multi seals: The three seals above all deal with eliminating the gap underneath your roller doors, whereas the multi-seals fix the same problem along the sides and top the doors. With wide gaps around the sides and top of your roller doors, rain, leaves, dirt and dust, as well as pests can still enter your garage, which is what makes the multi-seals so handy.

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