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What does a garage door repair service do?

A regular garage door repair service can seriously help to extend the life of your remote garage door opener and avoid any untimely garage door repairs in Brisbane. Problems that can be avoided with regular servicing include doors that get stuck and won’t open or close, doors that make an awful noise when operating, and doors that open and close randomly, as well as broken rollers and electrical problems.

So if you have an automatic garage door at your home or business, here are the 5 key areas that are covered by a garage door repair service.

  1. All the fixings are checked: If your remote garage door opener was fitted years ago, the actual fixings might have worked themselves loose. This can be a danger to everyone in close proximity to the garage doors, so these will be checked during your service.
  2. Guide tracks are inspected: The guide tracks can become bent and full of debris, causing all sorts of issues. So as part of your garage door repair service these will be inspected and cleaned, and even straightened if necessary.
  3. Examine your tension springs: The tension springs need to be properly balanced for the safe operation of your remote garage door opener. This will be checked and adjusted during your service. One of the most common causes for garage door repairs in Brisbane is garage doors that stick in the open or closed position, and the tension springs are the usual cause.
  4. Lubrication: Anything that needs to be lubricated will be covered in your garage door repair service. For example, the steel hinges, springs and the opener chain will all be lubricated to keep your remote garage door opener working properly.
  5. Check sensitivity: Your service also includes a thorough check of your sensors and the motor to ensure that everything is working well. The service technician can adjust the sensors and the motor limits so that the doors always know when to stop opening or closing.

If your automatic garage doors haven’t seen a service technician for years, why not book in for a garage door repair service today? Call united Doors on 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online.