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What are the best options for industrial roller shutter doors

United Doors are one of the leading suppliers of industrial roller shutter doors in Brisbane, offering tailor made solutions for the security of your business. Over the years we have become experts in roller door installation and we have seen a solid increase in the quality and popularity of these type of commercial security shutters.

It is fair to say that a commercial automatic door opener offers a level of security that been proven time and time again, to be one of the best ways to secure your business premises. The type of industrial roller shutter doors you need for your business depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the opening, how often the roller door will be used and the style of roller door required.

Size of your roller door? We hold a stock of industrial roller shutter doors that fit most openings, however we also provide a custom service if the opening is not of a standard size. Some models are better than others for larger openings, so if in doubt, call us to check.

How often will the roller door be used? The size of the motor needed for a heavily used a commercial automatic door opener is going to be different to one that is only opened twice a day for example. Single phase motors are usually suitable for low usage, whilst a three phase motor is needed for high usage.

How fast do you want it to open? Roller door motors have different speed settings, which makes a big difference if you want to open the doors quickly, for example when industrial roller shutter doors are used in private car parks.

Method of operation? You can operate the roller doors manually or by remote control, using a key switch, push buttons or a swipe card. Just let us know what you need and we will put a quote together for you.

Style of your roller doors? You can have insulated shutters, punched, extruded and perforated doors. We can tailor the industrial roller shutter doors to suit your brand’s style and colour scheme and give you the type of roller doors that suit your budget and your needs.

Get a quote online for your industrial roller shutter doors or call us on 07 3869 2525 to find out which type of roller doors are best for your business.