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Types of automatic door openers

If you are in the market for automatic door openers, whether this is for your home or for your commercial property, you need to know that you have three choices: chain driven, belt driven or screw driven doors. Let’s take a look these three types of automatic garage doors and the situations when one is more suitable than another.

Chain drive automatic door openers

This is the most common type of automatic garage doors on the market, using a chain to open and close the doors. Two of the reasons they are so popular is that they are fairly inexpensive and reliable, however the main problem with chain driven automatic doors is that they are very noisy.

As they are so noisy, chain driven doors are often used as industrial roller shutter doors. Since chain drives are so robust, they are often used as a commercial garage door opener as well, being ideal for very large or oversized doors. As a homeowner, you would most probably only consider industrial roller shutter doors if your garage is some distance away from your home (due to the noise).

Belt drive automatic door openers

As their name implies, belt driven automatic garage doors use a rubber belt and cog to open and close the doors. This eliminates the noise created by the chain driven doors and is far more popular with homeowners. It can also be used as a commercial garage door opener, particularly in areas where customers need access, due to their quieter operation.

Regarding their use as industrial roller shutter doors, as belt driven automatic doors tend to be the most expensive of the three types of doors, they are not popular in industrial areas.

Screw drive automatic door openers

With this type of automatic garage door, a steel rod moves the trolley to open and close the doors. Screw driven doors are simpler than the other types of doors, requiring less maintenance and being easier to fix. Unfortunately, they are also quite noisy, although not as loud as chain driven doors. These qualities make them more popular as industrial roller shutter doors, than as either a residential or a commercial garage door opener.

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