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Tips for choosing a commercial roller shutter

Choosing a commercial roller shutter takes a bit more time than selecting automatic garage doors for your home. This is because for your home, you usually want the doors to look good and match your home’s exterior style and colours, however for a commercial business, you need to consider strength and durability, as well as whether you want a manual or an automatic commercial garage door opener.

Strength and durability of a commercial roller shutter

A commercial roller shutter really needs to stand up to a lot of use and abuse. For example, at home you might open your garage doors once, twice or three times a day, whilst a commercial garage door might be opened 10, 20 or 30 times a day, depending on their business.

This means that the automatic garage door and its mechanism needs to be strong enough to operate far in excess of what’s expected of a residential garage door. Cheaper options that are used in a commercial capacity can often require frequent commercial door repairs, simply because they are not built strong enough for such excessive use.

Don’t forget that a commercial roller shutter can be damaged by forklifts, backed into by trucks and can generally become dented and broken far more often than a residential garage door – so they need to be ultra-durable and strong.

Manual or automatic commercial garage door opener?

Given the option, residential home owners opt for automatic garage doors every time, but you might find that a manually operated commercial garage door opener is more suitable for your business. If you don’t have many deliveries and won’t be using the garage roller shutters more than a few times a day, you might find that the cheaper manual option is better for your business.

On the other hand, if you have ten or more deliveries a day, whoever is assigned to open the doors might become very tired or even injured if they have to do this manually every day. In this case, a commercial garage door opener that is automatically operated makes more sense.

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