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Should you keep your garage doors during a conversion?

Many Aussies decide to convert their garage into a man cave or sports room, but are never sure whether they should replace their garage doors or not. It’s fair to say that keeping your residential garage doors is always going to be cheaper than removing them and building a new external wall. It also gives you the flexibility of using the space as a garage again, which might be great for buyers if you ever decide to sell.

If you decide to keep your garage doors or even replace them with new, it’s best to contact your local garage door services in Brisbane, so that they can be serviced or replaced professionally. Given that you have decided to convert your garage for another use, here are our top tips for making it happen smoothly.

Think ahead: If you want a TV room for the kids, then you need to think about electrical points and aerial sockets or cable access, as well as a carpet or other quality floor covering. On the other hand, if you want a gym or sports room, then you might not need to call in an electrician to add any new outlets, and a painted concrete floor or an epoxy covering might be your preference. This is the point that you will need to decide whether or not to replace your garage doors as well.

Organise storage: To convert your garage into another use, you will need to find other storage options for everything that currently fills your garage. You can look into having storage cabinets installed into the garage around the walls, so that everything is organised and hidden away, as well as installing a garden shed for the mower and other garden paraphernalia.

Do you need insulation? If you want to make your conversion cosy without any drafts, then you need to insulate the walls and probably the ceiling, however the ceiling might already be insulated as it’s part of the house. Insulating the floor is a good idea, particularly if you are laying carpet and you can also insulate your residential garage doors if you have panel doors.

Converting your garage doesn’t have to break the bank, it all depends on what kind of space you want and whether you want to keep the garage doors or not.

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