Roll Up Doors For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

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At United Doors, we have a large range of roll up doors that are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial properties. You can select from our range of in-house stock roller doors, all of which are available in standard sizes and colours or you can request custom roller doors, which will be manufactured to your exact specifications and colour scheme.

Customising roll up doors

The ability to match the colour of your roller shutter doors to your home’s exterior design or to match your brand can make a huge difference to the curb appeal of your property and is one of our special options that our customers appreciate. Once you have made your selection and placed your order, our team of technicians will deliver and install your roller shutter doors, so that they are ready to go! We will also service and repair your roller shutters, so that they are always well-maintained and operate perfectly.

Roll Up Doors for Residential Properties

Roll up doors for residential properties can be installed on your windows, as well as the opening to your garage, adding an additional element of security to your home. With the escalating crime rate in Australia, we need to do everything we can to prevent thieves from breaking into our homes; roller shutters on your windows and garage provide a proven deterrent to thieves who will experience great difficulty breaking into your home, likely moving on to an easier prospect.

Increased curb appeal

The colour and design of your roller shutter doors can be easily matched to your home’s external colour scheme, significantly increasing the curb appeal of your property. For those of you who are updating your home prior to putting it on the market, the additional security provided by roll up doors and the increased curb appeal will both help to increase the value and the appeal of your property to buyers.

Sun protection, noise & privacy

In Queensland it’s not unusual for the summer sun to pour into our homes, raising the internal temperature and fading our curtains, rugs, carpets and furnishings. Whilst curtains and internal blinds can help reduce this heat transfer, external roller shutters prevent the heat from reaching your windows, resulting in far less heat transfer through the windows and inside your home.

With roller shutters, you can not only control the amount of sunlight that enters your home at any time during the day, but you can also limit the amount of noise that enters as well. Many of us live on busy streets, have noisy neighbours or experience intermittent neighbourhood noises that can interrupt the smooth running of your day. Roller shutters will significantly reduce this ambient noise, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own home without feeling stressed about the constant barrage of noises outside your home.

Another great benefit of installing roller shutters in residential properties is the increased privacy they provide. For those of us that live on small blocks of land, we can feel quite inhibited when we realise that our neighbours can potentially see right into our homes or when passers-by can look into our homes as they walk along the street. All you need to do is to pull down the external shutters and your privacy is assured!

Protection against the weather

Roll up shutters are the ideal protection for your home in the rainy season when storms are likely to happen fairly frequently in Queensland. High winds can blast the rain and even the hail against your windows, breaking the glass and causing undue damage to your home. If you install roller shutters however, your home has a significant amount of additional protection against the damaging storms that seem to be happening more frequently of late.

Bush fires are also a major concern to many home owners, but roller shutters can also help in this situation as well. Bushfire rated roller shutters can increase the amount of time it takes for the intense heat to break your windows and flying embers to enter your home, giving your family additional time to reach safety.

Roll Up Doors for Commercial Properties

Roll up doors for commercial properties are a sound investment that pays for themselves time and time again. Obviously roller shutter doors are ideal for increasing the security of your commercial property, but they also increase the safety of your employees, increase your business’s curb appeal and allow you to monitor who enters and exits your property.

Increased security

Roller shutter doors give you an added line of security that deter vandals from smashing your windows and thieves from breaking and entering your property. You can install roller shutters to your windows, doors and delivery points, ensuring that you cover all entry points to your property. Some insurance companies will reduce your premiums when they know that you have installed roller shutters, so it pays to contact them as soon as your installation is complete.

Greater employee safety

Roller shutter doors can give your employees a greater sense of security when they are on your property, especially if they work unusual hours when not many people are around. In addition, when you install remote controlled roller shutter doors at the entry and exits points of your parking facilities, employees won’t need to exit their vehicle to operate the roller doors. This gives your employees an added sense of safety, which can be extremely beneficial at night and in areas that feel quite isolated.

Monitoring visitors

With remote operated roll up doors, you can give each employee a different security code that they need to use when they enter and exit the parking facilities. This not only provides you with data on the movements of people into and out of your parking facilities, but it also makes it much more difficult for unauthorised people to enter your building via the parking lot.

Improved curb appeal

You can install customised roll up doors and shutters that match and promote your brand, increasing the curb appeal of your building in the process. Passers-by, employees, visitors, guests and customers all take note when a business goes the extra mile to make their commercial property more aesthetically appealing from the street.

Roll Up Doors for Industrial Properties

Roll up doors for industrial properties are built to withstand the daily wear and tear of extreme use that is a daily occurrence in many warehouses and factories. These super strong roller shutters not only provide your industrial property with added security, but they also provide thermal regulation, optimise loading and unloading times and can promote your brand.

Durability of roll up doors

Roller doors come in a range of sizes and strengths and depending on your industry, you can install super strong roll up doors that can withstand the best of hard knocks, day in and day out. After all, when fork lifts and trucks are driving in and out of your warehouse or factory all day long, the roller doors are bound to be knocked around on occasion. Knowing that your roller shutter doors can stand up to these bumps and scrapes over the long haul is one of the big benefits of fitting industrial roll up doors in your buildings.

Added security

Even though you might have round the clock security or a robust alarm system to protect your facilities, thieves have ingenious ways to enter industrial complexes, particularly when you make it easy for them! Strong, tough and durable roller shutter doors are ideal for deterring thieves from entering your buildings, giving them a run for their money and making it so difficult to break into your property that they give up or don’t even bother trying.

Thermal regulation

If you want to keep the interior of your building within a certain temperature range, its’s much easier when you install roller doors to the windows and entry points. To keep the heat inside your buildings it’s often best to opt for fibreglass rather than metal roller doors, but our experts can help you make the right decision for your situation.

Optimised loading & unloading

Roller doors that open smoothly and quickly can help to reduce the time it takes for trucks and delivery vans to load and unload at your facility. Some of the older type roller doors, particularly those that are manually operated, can be quite slow, but the newer models are fast enough that you should notice a significant difference in your loading times.

Brand recognition

When you install new roll up doors and roller shutters on the windows, you can have them customised to match your company’s brand. This increases the recognition of your brand by passers-by and customers, improves your curb appeal and presents a professional image to the public.

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