Prolong the Life of Industrial Roller Shutter Doors with These 3 Easy Tips

Industrial roller shutter doors are a great way to protect your property, but they don’t last forever and at some time or another you are going to have to replace them. However, with some judicious care and attention, you can seriously prolong the life of your shutters, saving on the costs of replacing them earlier than really necessary.

It is fair to say that industrial roller shutter doors don’t just stop working overnight, there has usually been signs that something is wrong for a while and no one has paid attention. So if you have industrial roller shutters fitted in your business, then here are 3 easy tips to make sure that your shutters are always in good working order.

1.Don’t ignore problems: If your industrial roller shutter doors are slow to respond, stick, judder or are starting to make lots of noises when they are operated, there is likely to be a problem that needs to be addressed. The longer you leave these issues, the worse they will become and if ignored for too long, your shutters can stop working.
2.Check your shutters daily: Industrial shutters are there for your protection and for ease of access, so make sure that you check them every day. Look for damage to the shutters and make sure that the hardware is free from dirt or debris that could put a strain on the motor or clog the guide rails. If you have motor driven industrial roller shutter doors, also check that the shutters can still be manually operated.
3.Regular services: Your business heavily relies on the operation of your shutters and if they are not in good working order, then your business will suffer. Regular services help to maintain the good operation of your shutters and can pre-empt small problems turning into costly repairs. The regularity of the services depends on how often the shutters are operated, but if opened and closed 50 times a day, then we recommend you have your roller shutters serviced every 2 months. For less frequent usage, for example 15 cycles a day, then a 6 monthly service is appropriate.

At United Doors, we provide service options for industrial roller shutter doors, just call us on 07 3869 2525 and we will arrange a time that is suitable for your business.