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Modernise your office with a new commercial roller shutter

When it is time to renovate or modernise your office, have you thought about installing a commercial roller shutter on your windows? These are designed to increase the security of your business, preventing anyone from gaining entry by breaking in via the windows, and with today’s high crime rates it is a seriously good idea.

You can also install industrial roller shutter doors across your entry points to give your premises an extra ounce of security overnight. If you haven’t considered using industrial or commercial roller shutters, then you might think that they look too ‘industrial’ and won’t give your business the type of curb appeal that you want.

So you will be surprised to learn that some of the commercial roller shutters look very stylish and actually add another level of design to the exterior of your office. You can purchase pre-fabricated shutters, but you can also have them custom made to a specific design, so that they better reflect your brand.

Options for custom made industrial and commercial roller shutters

If your window and door openings are not a standard size, then you will need to have your security shutters custom made for your business. This is not a bad option, because you can have the shutters powder coated to your brand’s colour scheme.

If you are concerned with energy efficiency and regulating the temperature in your building, then you might want to have your industrial roller shutter doors and windows insulated. On the other hand, if you want them just for additional security, then this won’t be an important feature for you.

As far as the structure of the shutters is concerned, you have a number of options. You can have the commercial roller shutters punched, extruded or perforated. Extruded shutters offer really heavy duty security and are thicker than normal. Punched and perforated shutters are more to do with design and style, allowing you to have cut-out designs or simple perforations to let in the light.

As far as security is concerned, extruded has the highest security, then perforated and lastly, punched industrial roller shutter doors. With a branded design and stylish security shutters, your office will look modern and updated and you will be much happier with your level of security.

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