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Looking for a professional roller door installation company? Here are four questions to ask before accepting the quote

If you are in the market for roller door repairs in Brisbane or you are searching for a reliable roller door installation company, you want to know exactly what is and isn’t included in your quote. After all, the security of your home is on the line, because without a fully operational roller door, thieves can gain easy access to everything in your garage!

Another consideration is to find a company who provides both roller door repairs and garage door services in Brisbane. It makes your life so much easier if the same company who installed your garage doors, can also be called to service or repair it as well.

So here are four questions you need to ask, before you accept the quote for your roller door installation.

  1. Warranties: Often the company that manufacturers the garage doors, are not the same people who install, service and repair these doors, so you need to make sure that they have all the information regarding the warranties. You should have a warranty for both the doors and for the remotes.
  2. Who installs the doors? You might be surprised to learn that the person who arrives at your home to measure for your new roller door installation and give you the quote, won’t be the same person who actually installs it. You will often find that large companies outsource their installations and roller door repairs in Brisbane to a subcontractor, so you need to ask about the installers and be happy how they operate, before making your decision.
  3. What’s included? Carefully read your quote and make sure that they have included the correct style and colours for your roller door installation, because if you accept this quote and it’s wrong, you won’t have any come back. If you don’t understand anything on the written quote – ask for an explanation.
  4. Reviews: Always go online and read their customer reviews, and not just on their website! Look for reviews written on other platforms as well, because these will give you a very clear idea of their reputation. If you find any negative reviews, you are well within your rights to bring this up and see how they respond.

United Doors provides a range of garage door services in Brisbane, including roller door installations and roller door repairs. Get a quote online today.