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How to choose the right commercial roller shutter door for your premises

A commercial roller shutter door is designed to increase the security of your premises or the security of a specific room or section within your building. There are plenty of designs and styles of commercial and industrial roller shutter doors available, and roller door installation is usually included in the price.

Let’s look at a few features that will help you select the right one for your needs.

  • Custom made: First of all, you can purchase a stock commercial roller shutter, because they come in a plethora of different sizes. If you can’t find a stock roller door to suit your needs or you want a specific type of roller door not readily available, then you can order a custom made roller shutter, manufactured specifically for your business.
  • Insulation: Insulated industrial roller shutter doors are designed to not only provide security, but to also help with energy efficiency and temperature regulation. The dense foam filled core helps to even the temperature fluctuations inside your building or room.
  • Punched: This type of commercial roller shutter has sections cut out in a specific design, so they are both stylish and allow light through the shutters, whilst still providing high security. You see these on many shop fronts, both inside and outside shopping malls.
  • Extruded: These are thicker than normal roller shutters, for instances when you really want to ramp up the security of your building and can be installed over windows, doors and as standalone shutters.
  • Perforated: Similar to a punched commercial roller shutter, perforated shutters have a lathe construction made from galvanised steel offering more light and more security than punched shutters.

Roller door installation

Trying to install commercial or industrial roller shutter doors yourself can void the warranty and is a big job, best left to the professionals. At United Doors, we offer a free installation service with all of our roller shutter doors and we also offer a servicing plan as well. This keeps your shutters well maintained and working properly 24/7 and since you need your shutters for security purposes, regular servicing of your roller doors makes sense.

You can get a quote online or call us on 07 3869 2525 to discuss your requirements.