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Do you need a garage door weather seal for your garage doors?

Garage doors help to keep the contents of your home and garage safe and secure, as well as helping to keep your home cool in summer and warmer in winter. Energy efficiency is not something that is often associated with garage doors, but if you leave the doors open for a week, you will definitely notice a difference!

They also help to keep dirt, debris and rain from blowing into your garage, as well as creating a barrier to rodents and other pests. As they age however, the garage door side seals begin to deteriorate and you will notice an increasing amount of dirt, debris and pests in your garage. This is the time when you need to replace the garage door weather seal and side seals to prevent the situation becoming any worse.

What types of garage door side seals do you need?

A garage door weather seal is designed to cover the gaps between the garage doors and the surrounding brick or weatherboard. There are three types of seals that you will most probably need to replace: bottom seals, threshold seals and the weather strip.

Bottom seals: This is a long narrow strip of rubber or vinyl that is attached to the bottom of the garage doors to prevent dirt, debris, pests and rain entering underneath the doors. When the bottom seal start to deteriorate it often shreds and you can see pieces of the rubber or vinyl hanging down when you open the doors.
Threshold seals: This type of seal is applied to the floor of the garage, filling the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor. Most people however, prefer to use bottom seals, because a threshold seal makes it more difficult for dirt and water to be brushed over this seal when you need to clean the garage.
Weather strips: These are better known as garage door side seals, but they can also be attached to the top of the doors as well. Generally, they prevent wind and rain from being driven around the doors and into your garage and will need to be replaced if rain is coming into your garage.

If your garage doors need new seals, why not get a quote online today?