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Are your roller shutter doors too noisy?

At United Doors we often have customers complaining that their old roller shutter doors are too noisy and interfere with their work! Of course, if the roller shutters are installed in a warehouse or factory, then the noise isn’t really going to be a big problem, but for an office or retail store with delivery roller doors, it can be a big issue.

This is a common problem with old roller doors in Brisbane or roller shutters that haven’t been serviced regularly. Let’s look at the common causes of noisy roller shutter doors and then at a few workable solutions.

Causes of noisy roller shutter doors

Many roller doors in Brisbane become noisy with age, particularly if they haven’t been well-maintained and lubricated since they were installed. This also applies to motorised roller doors, because the engine parts can corrode, and parts can move out of alignment over time, resulting in excess noise when operated.

You need to remember that most roller shutters are constructed from steel slats, which when they move along the metal guides, can cause a screeching noise if the guides are loose, corroded or full of dirt and debris. The slats themselves can also move out of alignment, stretch over time or buckle slightly in extreme heat, which can cause the same screeching noise.

Solutions for noisy roller shutter doors

If your roller shutters are old and have seen better days, it pays to replace them with a new model that is designed to operate quietly. On the other hand, you might want to save your old roller doors and see if they can be repaired. Our technicians can inspect them for you and let you know the cost of a repair and service compared to a full replacement, and then you can make the best decision for your business.

It’s worthwhile noting that the newer model roller doors in Brisbane have nylon slat clips that help to stop the metal slats from coming into contact with the metal guides. This reduces the noise problem considerably.

When we arrive at your business, our technicians will check the metal guides for damage or corrosion, check the tension of the springs (as this can cause extreme noise as well), and make sure that the slats of the doors have not been damaged or bent. Most of these problems can be fixed, but it’s still worth considering new roller shutter doors, as these will give your business a well-maintained and professional appearance.

Why not get a quote online for new roller shutters and then make your decision?