A Quick Comparison of Manual and Automatic Garage Doors

At some time or another, every home owner needs to decide between installing automatic garage doors or manually operated garage doors. You might be building a brand new home or you might be ready to replace your old garage doors, but whatever your situation, you still have to make this initial decision.

There are pros and cons for each type of garage door, but generally automatic garage doors always come out on top. The apparent superiority of automatic over manual garage doors is basically due to the fact that you can open and close your garage doors remotely. There is however, another benefit to selecting an automatic door instead of manual for your garage and that is in their customisation and aesthetics.

Automatic garage doors are convenient
Without a doubt, there cannot be a single home owner on the planet that doesn’t want a remote controlled garage door. It is just so convenient to drive up to your garage and open the door remotely from your car. You don’t have to struggle in the rain, racing out to unlock and open the garage door, then race back to the car and drive in and then go back and close the garage door. You simply press the remote control, drive into your garage and the door closes behind you. How good is that?

Automatic garage doors can be customised
Gone are the days when all garages looked the same, because now you can have your garage doors designed to suit your home’s external décor. You can even have a remote controlled garage door for a three or four car garage, giving you a sleek, streamlined look to your home. There are also options for a single panel tilt up garage door or a sectional door, then there are window options, aluminium or steel construction, and timber facades, as well as modern, traditional and totally bespoke designs.

On the other hand, manual garage doors don’t give you many options, as you are usually stuck with just a plain roller door. Alternatively, automatic garage doors not only give you the convenience of a remote control, but also an unlimited number of design options. Call us today on 07 3869 2525 for a personalised quote for your bespoke garage doors.