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7 Tips on maintaining your automatic garage doors

Proper care of your automatic garage doors helps to prolong their life and prevent unwanted garage door repairs in the future. So if you have just completed your roller door installation with United Doors, here are our top 7 tips for keeping your garage doors in good repair.

  1. Washing the garage doors: Colorbond and coloured steel finishes might be tough and look awesome, but they still need to be washed with clean water at least once, if not twice a month, to remove any debris. Washing more often is actually recommended if you live near the coast, due to a build-up of salt. Don’t wash the opening mechanism of the automatic garage doors, just the doors themselves or you could get electrocuted!
  2. Check its operation: At least once every couple of months check that you can still open and close your garage doors manually. This is essential in times of a power outage, so always check that the manual mode still operates. If the manual operation doesn’t work, you might need to call United Doors for garage door repairs, but it is better to check than be caught with a door that won’t open or close.
  3. Lubrication: Too many people don’t bother oiling their automatic garage doors following their roller door installation. This can lead to worn parts and expensive garage door repairs later on down the road. So always lubricate the following parts of your garage doors at least every 3 to 6 months: steel hinges, springs and the opener chain.
  4. Clean the guide tracks: Clean the guide tracks with mineral turps or methylated spirits to remove any dirt and debris. Do not lubricate the tracks.
  5. Check screws: Make sure that all visible screws, nut and bolts are tight at least every 3 to 6 months.
  6. Check spring tension: If your door is difficult to open or close, it could be due to a loss of tension in the springs. This is a big and difficult job, actually it can also be quite dangerous, so always call United Doors for a spring tension service or garage door repairs.
  7. Regular services: Organising regular 12 monthly services following your initial roller door installation, ensures that your automatic garage doors keep running well for many years into the future.

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