5 Tips to Save Money on Remote Control Garage Door Repairs

With the increased cost of living today, the last problem you want is to spend money on remote control garage door repairs. If your garage door is slow to open or close, responds sluggishly, makes a lot of noise when operated or is off its tracks, then you will need to call in a repair team to fix the problem.

However, the best strategy is to keep your garage door in good working order at all times. If you follow our 5 tips, you can extend the life of your garage door and hopefully, you won’t need remote control garage door repairs for many years.

1. Tighten the bolts and brackets: The continual movement of your door opening and closing can loosen the bolts and brackets, so make sure that you check them regularly and tighten them if needed.

2. Oil all moving parts: Keeping the hardware oiled or greased is a great way to extend the life of your garage door and put off paying for remote control garage door repairs. So use a spray lubricant on the springs and a white lithium grease on the chains.

3. Test the balance: Disconnect the opener and manually open or close the door to about half way. If the garage door doesn’t continue to rise or fall, your door is balanced correctly, but if it continues to move, the springs are not balanced correctly and need adjusting (call us and we will fix this for you).

4. Inspect the rollers: These need to be replaced every few years for smooth operation of your garage door, which means that you need to inspect them regularly. Worn or cracked rollers need to be replaced, because the door will eventually come to a stop and won’t work correctly. Replacing rollers might not be the type of remote control garage door repairs that you want to do yourself.

5. Replace the seals: Your garage door has rubber seals on the bottom of the door to prevent rain from entering. These can become brittle and cracked over time and are an easy fix for home owners.

If you have any problems with the operation of your garage doors, call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 for fast and competitively priced remote control garage door repairs.