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5 of the most common causes for garage door repairs in Brisbane

United Doors are the leaders in garage door repairs in Brisbane. Over the years we have seen just about everything that can go wrong with garage doors and roller doors, and we can quickly find the cause of your problem and have it fixed in a jiffy!

If you are in the market for a new automatic garage door for your home or business, here are the 5 most frequent reasons you might need to call us for remote control garage door repairs.

  1. Your doors open and close at random: This problem can be infuriating, because random openings can jeopardise the security of your home and random closings can cause serious injuries to anyone under the door. The problem is easily fixed however, because it is usually due to a problem with the sensor. So if you come home and find your doors wide open, call United Doors for the fastest roller door repairs in Brisbane.
  2. Your doors are stuck half way: This is another issue that can happen and nothing you do will make your doors open or close completely. Unfortunately, there is not one single cause for your doors sticking, it can be that the springs need replacing or a problem with the alignment or sensors. These type of tricky garage door repairs are our bread and butter, so give us a call in Brisbane and we will fix your doors ASAP.
  3. Your doors make a grating noise: Of course your doors won’t be silent when they are opening or closing, but they shouldn’t make a grating noise. This usually means that the moving parts need lubrication and is one of the simpler roller door repairs we do in Brisbane.
  4. Your remote doesn’t work: Did you check the battery? This is the commonest cause of remotes not working, so always check the battery first, before you call us for remote control garage door repairs. If a new battery doesn’t fix the problem, you might need a new remote.
  5. Your rollers are bent: This is one of the most frequent causes of roller door repairs in Brisbane, because over time the roller can rust, bend and warp, causing excessive noise on operation or the doors may become stuck and jammed.

If you need specialist garage door repairs in Brisbane, why not get a quote online today?