3 Advantages of Roller Shutters for Commercial Properties

Roller shutters are generally installed by commercial or industrial businesses, because they offer increased overnight security. They are often installed in car parks, inside shopping malls, and in commercial and industrial buildings.

There tends to be two different types of situations when roller shutters are essential. The first is when a store or business does not have a front door that they can secure. For example, stores in shopping malls are open to the public areas inside the mall, and large commercial warehouses, auto shops and garages are open to the external environment.

The second example is where a store has a lockable front door, but also requires additional security. This can include businesses selling high value items, such as jewellery stores or pawn brokers, but also stores situated in high risk areas.

Clearly, if your store is inside a mall, then you need to install roller shutters as an overnight security measure, but if your business is not inside a shopping mall, do you really need to install security shutters? Given that security is a good reason for installing roller shutters to the exterior of your shop front or commercial premises, here are 3 advantages you might consider (other than for security).

1.Protection from the weather: Storm and hail damage can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to shop fronts, especially if you have large glass windows along the front of your shop. A solid roller shutter can give you the protection you need to prevent undue damage due to extreme weather events.
2.Protection from fires: Bushfires are a common occurrence in Australia and all it takes is a few burning embers to cause untold damage to your store. A solid construction roller shutter can give you the protection you need from burning embers floating through the air, giving you peace of mind and avoiding a disaster in the making.
3.Aesthetics: You don’t need to sacrifice the look of your business for the sake of added security, because your security shutters can be designed to match your branding and still give you the protection you require.

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