7 Tips for keeping your children safe around automatic garage doors

Most of us have automatic garage doors at home, but too often we don’t really acknowledge how dangerous they can be when children are around. After all, children seen to appear from nowhere and can get themselves into trouble in the blink of an eye, before we have had time to even register their presence.

So if you have automatic door openers at home or even a commercial garage door opener at your place of business, here are 7 tips for keeping children safe in the same area.

  1. Keep children away from automatic garage doors and don’t let them play or run under any doors that are opening or closing.
  2. Don’t let children near the working mechanisms of automatic door openers, because little fingers can become quickly caught and they can suffer serious injuries before you have had time to do anything about it.
  3. If you have a commercial garage door opener with a keypad, locate the pad at least 5 feet above the ground, so that small children can’t easily reach the keypads and keep your home automatic door openers away from children at all times.
  4. Don’t drive away or leave the area until the automatic garage doors are fully closed or opened and make sure that all children are supervised in the area, if the doors are left open for any reason.
  5. It is essential that any damage to the automatic door openers is inspected by a trained professional, because even minor damage caused by someone reversing into the doors can result in a misalignment and the doors might come crashing down unexpectedly.
  6. Always have your home automatic garage doors and your commercial garage door opener serviced regularly to avoid any unforeseen problems that could result in injuries to children or even adults in the immediate vicinity.
  7. Never attempt to repair or replace the springs or cables yourself, particularly with children in the area. These type of repairs require specialist knowledge, because the springs are held under extreme tension. Any mishandling of the springs from automatic door openers can result in serious injuries to anyone in the immediate area.

If you need your automatic garage doors repaired or serviced, why not get a quote online today?

5 Tips for locating a reputable garage door company

Installing garage doors or roll up doors in your home is a great way to add value to your property, as well as to increase its security. The problem is in finding a reliable and trustworthy garage door company in your area, one that you can feel confident will do a good job for a reasonable price.

So if you are in the market for new garage doors or roll up doors, here are 5 tips that will help you to find the best garage door company in your area.

  1. Experience: When you are trusting the security of your property to a garage door company, you want them to have a few years of experience under their belt. So look for a well-established company with a solid reputation for good service in your locality.
  2. Clear pricing: Even though the prices for garage doors and roll up doors are dependent on a number of different factors, including the size and style you choose, their pricing needs to be transparent. You don’t want to be told that you have to pay for a host of extras on the day of installation.
  3. Range of products: Garage doors need to suit the style of your home and your budget, so you want a company that offers a wide range of stock doors, but also the ability to custom design your doors and shutters to your exact specifications.
  4. Reviews: One of the best ways to ‘sound out’ a garage door company is to check their website for reviews. Any good company should have plenty of reviews online and if they don’t have any reviews – it makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?
  5. Website: You want to see a professional website that is designed well, attractive and easy to navigate. You also want to easily access all of the information that you need to make your decision about buying garage doors or roll up doors. A website that is pretty bare, not attractive or easy to navigate, doesn’t give you much confidence in the company.

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Save on your energy bills with automatic roller shutter doors

Roller shutter doors come in all shapes, styles and colours and can be a big benefit to home owners. Apart from the obvious increase in security provided by installing roller doors in Brisbane homes, one of the little known benefits is that they help to cut down on your energy bills.

The team at United Doors are experts in roller door installation, as well as in fitting, repairing and servicing automatic garage doors. So if you want to protect your home from burglars and save on your power bills, call us for a free quote today.

How can roller shutter doors cut your energy bills?

In Brisbane, we have hot summers and pretty cool winters, so most of us tend to have the A/C on during summer and the heating on during winter. As we all can appreciate, cooling and heating your home for a large part of the year, dramatically increases your power bills, so anything you can do to reduce these costs is going to be a huge benefit.

Making sure that your home is well insulated is a good first step towards reducing the loss of both heat and A/C through the roof spaces, but the installation of roller doors can also make a big difference. This is because one of the worst areas in your home for losing heat or the cooling effect of the A/C are the windows.

In Brisbane, roller doors go a long way to reducing this loss, helping to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. They can also stop much of the direct sunlight from pouring through your windows in the summer, which increases the heat inside your home and causes you to ramp up the A/C.

When you don’t need to have the heating or the A/C so high, because the roller shutter doors help with your home’s insulation, your power bills will drop, saving you money every quarter. Even installing automatic garage doors can help to prevent the loss of heat and the A/C from your home, simply by adding another barrier between your home and the external environment.

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What’s new with automatic door openers?

At first glance, you might think that there can’t be much high tech improvement to be made in the design of a residential or commercial automatic door opener. After all, in the world of industrial roller shutter doors and automatic garage doors, all you want is for them to open and close automatically. How can you improve on that?

Well you might be surprised to know that there is an app for that! Lately, there seems to be an app for just about everything, and now we have an app to control your residential or commercial garage door opener as well. Welcome to the new world!

Apps for your residential or commercial automatic door opener

How often have you driven away from your home and thought that you had forgotten to close the garage door? Even businesses can have problems with so many people coming and going, as well as deliveries happening all day long. It is even worse when you have a number of industrial roller shutter doors, as well as a commercial garage door opener for your business, because forgetting to close the garage door means that you have to physically turn around and check on the situation.

When this happens on a daily basis, life can become tiresome, so both home owners and business owners will be happy to know that you can now purchase a very affordable app that takes all of the stress out of checking whether the doors are open or closed. There are a number of different apps available on the market, so you have lots of choices and they work with both iPhones and Android mobile devices.

Another plus is that you can link your residential or commercial garage door opener app to an interior security camera and actually dial in and see whether the door is open or closed – all on your smart phone. With a security camera, you can even check on your smart phone to see who is in your garage at home or whether the deliveries have arrived at your business.

Apps for residential homes, industrial roller shutter doors and for a commercial garage door opener are easy to install and simple to use. If you are in the market for a new automatic garage door or industrial shutter, call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online.

Don’t put up with creaky or faulty roller doors in Brisbane

Everyone loves automatic garage roller doors in Brisbane, because they make parking your car so much simpler and give you an additional layer of security in your home. When they go wrong however, they can be a real pain to fix, and whilst you can manage some repairs yourself, it is so much easier to call in the experts.

At United Doors in Brisbane, we have a team of technicians who are specialists in garage door repairs, and we will come to your home or business premises and have your roller doors working perfectly in no time at all.

Some of the more common problems with roller doors in Brisbane that we are called out to fix include the following:

  • Noisy roller doors: Your garage roller doors shouldn’t make hardly any noise when they are opened or closed. So if you can’t hear yourself speak, then it is time to call us in for an inspection, and possibly a repair as well.
  • They won’t open or close: This can be as simple as replacing the batteries in your remote or to a loose connection between the door and the control panel or the motor. These type of garage door repairs in Brisbane can often be quick to fix and we can have your doors operating the same day.
  • The doors stick or are slow to open: This can be due to a problem with the springs which are held under a lot of tension. In this case, when you check to see if they will open manually, you might find that they are very heavy to move, which is another sign that the springs of the roller doors need attention.
  • The doors are off their tracks: In this situation, your roller doors are not going to work, not until we have decided on the best way to get them back on their tracks. This is a very common problem with commercial roller doors in Brisbane, where forklifts seem to bang into the roller doors on a regular basis.

If you need garage door repairs in Brisbane, call the experts at United Doors 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online.

Arrive in style with remote automatic door openers at home

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of installing automatic door openers for making you feel that all is well with the world. When it is raining or cold outside and you have to get out of the car, walk to the garage, put in the key, hoick the door up, get back in your car, park it in the garage, get back out and hoick the door down again, life seems to look rather bleak sometimes.

Automatic door openers however, make life so much more simple and comfortable, adding a huge amount of value to your life, for very little cost. You do need to have a well maintained garage door first, before you purchase a garage door opener, but a new roller door installation isn’t a costly process and will definitely add some serious curb appeal to your home.

The benefits of having automatic door openers, far outweigh any costs involved:

  • You don’t have to get out in the rain or cold to open and close the garage door.
  • They are perfect for elderly or disabled people who don’t have the ability to open and close heavy garage doors themselves.
  • New garage doors look stylish and can be designed to match your home’s exterior colour scheme.
  • They give you another layer of security to your home.
  • Automatic door openers won’t close if anything or anyone is underneath the closing door, which is a great safety factor when you have kids or pets.
  • You can get an app for it!

Talking about the app, did you know that you can purchase apps online for your smartphone that let you open and close your garage door from anywhere in the world? With some additional hardware, these apps will also give you a real-time view of the interior of your garage and notify you when the garage door is opened or closed. These apps are great for additional home security and are worthwhile investigating.

You can also add in this type of functionality to your automated home system, where you can remotely access the lights, heating and A/C using your smartphone, as well as your garage doors.

If you are interested in professional roller door installation or need assistance, repairs or servicing of your automatic door openers, call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online.

Modernise your office with a new commercial roller shutter

When it is time to renovate or modernise your office, have you thought about installing a commercial roller shutter on your windows? These are designed to increase the security of your business, preventing anyone from gaining entry by breaking in via the windows, and with today’s high crime rates it is a seriously good idea.

You can also install industrial roller shutter doors across your entry points to give your premises an extra ounce of security overnight. If you haven’t considered using industrial or commercial roller shutters, then you might think that they look too ‘industrial’ and won’t give your business the type of curb appeal that you want.

So you will be surprised to learn that some of the commercial roller shutters look very stylish and actually add another level of design to the exterior of your office. You can purchase pre-fabricated shutters, but you can also have them custom made to a specific design, so that they better reflect your brand.

Options for custom made industrial and commercial roller shutters

If your window and door openings are not a standard size, then you will need to have your security shutters custom made for your business. This is not a bad option, because you can have the shutters powder coated to your brand’s colour scheme.

If you are concerned with energy efficiency and regulating the temperature in your building, then you might want to have your industrial roller shutter doors and windows insulated. On the other hand, if you want them just for additional security, then this won’t be an important feature for you.

As far as the structure of the shutters is concerned, you have a number of options. You can have the commercial roller shutters punched, extruded or perforated. Extruded shutters offer really heavy duty security and are thicker than normal. Punched and perforated shutters are more to do with design and style, allowing you to have cut-out designs or simple perforations to let in the light.

As far as security is concerned, extruded has the highest security, then perforated and lastly, punched industrial roller shutter doors. With a branded design and stylish security shutters, your office will look modern and updated and you will be much happier with your level of security.

Get a quote online or call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 to discuss your custom security roller doors.

5 Signs that you need a garage door repair service

United Doors not only supplies and installs garage doors, but also offers a garage door repair service for all types of automatic doors in Brisbane (including both residential and commercial door repairs). All you need to do is to contact us and we will be on-site as soon as possible and your garage door will be up and running in no time at all.

We have a solid reputation for professional and fast garage door repairs in Brisbane, so let’s take a look at some of the signs that your garage door is on its way out and needs to be repaired.

  1. The door makes a lot of noise when operated: If you hear clunking, screeching or banging, then it is most likely that the springs need repairing or there is a problem with the motor, but it could be a number of other problems as well.
  2. The door won’t operate: Check that the power is on and that the batteries in your remote don’t need to be replaced. Otherwise, this problem could be due to a loose connection between the control panel and the door or even the motor.
  3. The door feels very heavy to lift: This is a common cause of garage door repairs in Brisbane and is usually due to a problem with the springs not having enough tension. You need to call our garage door repair service and we will come out and inspect the springs for you.
  4. The door won’t operate manually: The reason you have an automatic garage door is that it operates automatically, but for safety reasons, you still need to open or close it manually. If you have this type of problem then you need it fixed as soon as possible and it is likely to be an issue with the springs.
  5. The door is off its tracks: This can be caused by a long term lack of maintenance or accidental damage. In either case, your garage door will need to be inspected by a professional garage door repair service to determine the best way to get it back on its tracks and repair any damage.

Whether you need residential or commercial door repairs in Brisbane, you can get a quote online or call us on 07 3869 2525 to arrange for an inspection and repair job.

Roller shutter doors can improve the value of your property

When it comes to selling your home, whether now or in the future, there are lots of different renovations you can do to increase its value. One of these improvements is to install roller shutter doors, either on your garage or on your windows, as these add both security and style to your home.

United Doors offer professional garage door services to Brisbane homeowners, so let’s take a look at some more of the benefits of installing roller doors in your home.

  1. Curb appeal: We can tailor make your roller shutter doors to match your home’s exterior colour scheme, making it look very stylish from the curb, drawing in more buyers when you do decide to sell.
  2. Security: Installing garage roller doors on your garage and on your windows, provides an extra layer of security for your home. On your windows, this means that thieves can’t break in through your windows, because you have a solid barrier keeping everyone safe.
  3. Added value: Automatic garage doors and window shutters not only look stylish, but will also increase the value of your home and might even reduce the premiums for your home contents insurance as well.
  4. Insulation: The addition of insulated roller doors in Brisbane homes will help to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter, which is something we all need in Queensland.
  5. Eco-friendly: When the temperature of your home doesn’t fluctuate so much, because of your insulated roller shutters, you cut down on your energy bills. This in turn helps to save money for your family and protects the environment, because you don’t use so much energy.
  6. Noise reduction: Insulated shutters will help to reduce traffic noises, as well as noises from the neighbours, making your home a sanctuary for your family,
  7. Protect your furniture: We all know that the sunlight streaming through our windows can fade our curtains, carpets and furnishings, so it pays to install roller shutter doors on your windows to prolong the life of your interior furnishings.

If you are searching for window or garage door services in Brisbane, you can get a quote online or call us on 07 3869 2525 and we will put together a package that suits your needs.

What are the best options for industrial roller shutter doors

United Doors are one of the leading suppliers of industrial roller shutter doors in Brisbane, offering tailor made solutions for the security of your business. Over the years we have become experts in roller door installation and we have seen a solid increase in the quality and popularity of these type of commercial security shutters.

It is fair to say that a commercial automatic door opener offers a level of security that been proven time and time again, to be one of the best ways to secure your business premises. The type of industrial roller shutter doors you need for your business depends on a number of factors, such as the size of the opening, how often the roller door will be used and the style of roller door required.

Size of your roller door? We hold a stock of industrial roller shutter doors that fit most openings, however we also provide a custom service if the opening is not of a standard size. Some models are better than others for larger openings, so if in doubt, call us to check.

How often will the roller door be used? The size of the motor needed for a heavily used a commercial automatic door opener is going to be different to one that is only opened twice a day for example. Single phase motors are usually suitable for low usage, whilst a three phase motor is needed for high usage.

How fast do you want it to open? Roller door motors have different speed settings, which makes a big difference if you want to open the doors quickly, for example when industrial roller shutter doors are used in private car parks.

Method of operation? You can operate the roller doors manually or by remote control, using a key switch, push buttons or a swipe card. Just let us know what you need and we will put a quote together for you.

Style of your roller doors? You can have insulated shutters, punched, extruded and perforated doors. We can tailor the industrial roller shutter doors to suit your brand’s style and colour scheme and give you the type of roller doors that suit your budget and your needs.

Get a quote online for your industrial roller shutter doors or call us on 07 3869 2525 to find out which type of roller doors are best for your business.

Don’t risk your security! Call for Brisbane roller door repairs today

One of the most important reasons for roller door repairs in Brisbane is security. When your automatic doors no longer work properly, in particular when they are stuck half open and half closed or won’t close at all, the security of your home or business is in jeopardy.

At United Doors, we offer a professional garage door repair service to our customers, because we know the importance of securing your property against intruders. Automatic garage doors give you an added sense of security, preventing people from easily entering your home or commercial premises, and are one of the simplest and most practical strategies you can use to secure your property.

As experts in roller door repairs in Brisbane, we have come across just about every problem you can imagine. So here are 3 problems that can be easily fixed by professionals, but if ignored, will put the security of your property at risk.

  1. Doors don’t always open: The most likely cause of your automatic garage doors not always opening when you press the remote is that the batteries in the remote need replacing. You don’t need to call for Brisbane roller door repairs in this instance, just replace the batteries and all will be well once again.
  2. Doors bang shut: You usually notice that the doors seem to be closing normally, but when they are around ¾ closed, they drop down very quickly with a thud. This generally means that there is a problem with the torsion springs or the lifting cables and they will need to be checked and replaced if broken. This is a big job and you will most likely need professional garage door repairs in Brisbane to fix the problem.
  3. Doors don’t close properly: When you drive away and don’t check whether the garage doors have closed properly, you can leave your property wide open to thieves. There is a safety feature that prevents the doors closing if there is an object directly underneath the doors. Unfortunately, it can also happen if the sensor eyes are misaligned. You might be able to realign the sensors yourself or you can simply call the professionals for high quality roller door repairs in Brisbane.

For all your garage door repairs in Brisbane, call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online today.

3 Reasons you might need a garage door repair service

Automatic garage doors make life so much easier, but when they stop working correctly, life can become frustrating very quickly. Some problems will require you to call in a professional garage door repair service, whilst there are others that you can most probably fix yourself.

To help you decide whether you can deal with your own remote control garage door repairs or it is better to call in the experts, let’s take a look at the 3 of the most common problems you might face with your garage doors.

  1. Remote control doesn’t work: First of all, check the batteries in your remote control. Flat batteries are the easiest remote control garage door repairs to perform yourself, but if they are not flat, then you need to check the antenna that hangs down from the motor. This could be damaged or there could be something in the way that blocks the signal between your remote and the antenna. If you really think that the cause is your remote control, you can try reprogramming it yourself, using your instruction manual or you can call in your local garage door repair service.
  2. Doors start to close, but open again: Usually, this is because something is underneath the doors, causing them to open rather than close. This is a safety measure, so that if a small child is playing underneath the doors, they won’t close on top of them. If you are sure that nothing is underneath the doors, then it is most probably a problem with the door’s electric eyes that detect objects. These will need to be adjusted to enable your door to close correctly and is not the easiest remote control garage door repairs to perform yourself – you might need to call in a garage door repair service.
  3. Broken springs: This is another reason that your automatic doors are not operating and if you have witnessed your springs breaking, you will most likely have heard a very loud bang. This type of repair is best left to your garage door repair service, as these springs are under extreme tension and can easily cause serious injuries if you are not careful.

If you need the help of a professional garage door repair service, you can call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 or get a quote online today.

Types of automatic door openers

If you are in the market for automatic door openers, whether this is for your home or for your commercial property, you need to know that you have three choices: chain driven, belt driven or screw driven doors. Let’s take a look these three types of automatic garage doors and the situations when one is more suitable than another.

Chain drive automatic door openers

This is the most common type of automatic garage doors on the market, using a chain to open and close the doors. Two of the reasons they are so popular is that they are fairly inexpensive and reliable, however the main problem with chain driven automatic doors is that they are very noisy.

As they are so noisy, chain driven doors are often used as industrial roller shutter doors. Since chain drives are so robust, they are often used as a commercial garage door opener as well, being ideal for very large or oversized doors. As a homeowner, you would most probably only consider industrial roller shutter doors if your garage is some distance away from your home (due to the noise).

Belt drive automatic door openers

As their name implies, belt driven automatic garage doors use a rubber belt and cog to open and close the doors. This eliminates the noise created by the chain driven doors and is far more popular with homeowners. It can also be used as a commercial garage door opener, particularly in areas where customers need access, due to their quieter operation.

Regarding their use as industrial roller shutter doors, as belt driven automatic doors tend to be the most expensive of the three types of doors, they are not popular in industrial areas.

Screw drive automatic door openers

With this type of automatic garage door, a steel rod moves the trolley to open and close the doors. Screw driven doors are simpler than the other types of doors, requiring less maintenance and being easier to fix. Unfortunately, they are also quite noisy, although not as loud as chain driven doors. These qualities make them more popular as industrial roller shutter doors, than as either a residential or a commercial garage door opener.

Get a quote online today for your automatic door openers or call us on 07 3869 2525 to discuss your requirements.

5 benefits of installing a commercial garage door opener

The security of your business and your employees is high priority and there are many ways this can be accomplished. One of these strategies, which is extremely cost effective and very simple is to install a commercial garage door opener.

Automatic garage doors offer many benefits to commercial businesses and they can be installed from our existing stock or custom made to your specifications. We also install your commercial garage door opener as well, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right expertise for the job.

If security is on your mind at the moment, here are 5 benefits of installing commercial roller doors in Brisbane commercial properties.

  1. Remote operation: For a commercial property, having remote operated automatic garage doors increases both security and convenience. Employees no longer need to get out of their cars to enter the building, as they can open and close the doors from the comfort of their vehicle. We all know that whilst an automatic garage door opener isn’t necessarily vital to your business, it is an extra feature that helps with security.
  2. Security codes: With a commercial garage door opener you can have security codes for each employee, giving you data on when they enter and leave the building via the garage area. This increases your security level and makes it more difficult for unauthorised people to enter your premises via the garage.
  3. Increased security: A commercial garage door opener cannot be opened from outside without the remote control device and the right codes. This increases the level of security at your building, make it more difficult for criminals to gain access.
  4. Employee safety: The safety of your employees is vital to your business and not having to get out of their car to open the automatic garage doors is not only convenient, but is also a good safety strategy, which will be appreciated by your staff.
  5. Investment: Commercial garage roller doors in Brisbane that are remote operated are a sound investment over the short and the long term and will pay for themselves time and time again.

If you are interested in a commercial garage door opener for your business, can get a quote online or call us on 07 3869 2525 to discuss your needs.

How to choose the right commercial roller shutter door for your premises

A commercial roller shutter door is designed to increase the security of your premises or the security of a specific room or section within your building. There are plenty of designs and styles of commercial and industrial roller shutter doors available, and roller door installation is usually included in the price.

Let’s look at a few features that will help you select the right one for your needs.

  • Custom made: First of all, you can purchase a stock commercial roller shutter, because they come in a plethora of different sizes. If you can’t find a stock roller door to suit your needs or you want a specific type of roller door not readily available, then you can order a custom made roller shutter, manufactured specifically for your business.
  • Insulation: Insulated industrial roller shutter doors are designed to not only provide security, but to also help with energy efficiency and temperature regulation. The dense foam filled core helps to even the temperature fluctuations inside your building or room.
  • Punched: This type of commercial roller shutter has sections cut out in a specific design, so they are both stylish and allow light through the shutters, whilst still providing high security. You see these on many shop fronts, both inside and outside shopping malls.
  • Extruded: These are thicker than normal roller shutters, for instances when you really want to ramp up the security of your building and can be installed over windows, doors and as standalone shutters.
  • Perforated: Similar to a punched commercial roller shutter, perforated shutters have a lathe construction made from galvanised steel offering more light and more security than punched shutters.

Roller door installation

Trying to install commercial or industrial roller shutter doors yourself can void the warranty and is a big job, best left to the professionals. At United Doors, we offer a free installation service with all of our roller shutter doors and we also offer a servicing plan as well. This keeps your shutters well maintained and working properly 24/7 and since you need your shutters for security purposes, regular servicing of your roller doors makes sense.

You can get a quote online or call us on 07 3869 2525 to discuss your requirements.

Common Issues with Cheap Automatic Garage Doors

Sometimes it’s just not worth buying cheap products, particularly for big ticket items such as automatic garage doors. This is because the cheaper options can have more problems, and more often than the better brands. Let’s take a look at some of the common issues with the cheaper brand automatic doors.

Automatic door openers don’t work

First of all, make sure that you are in the working range of your remote. If you are within the operating range then check that the batteries don’t need replacing and if they do, make sure to buy high quality, durable and long lasting batteries. Also, check that the power is actually on, maybe someone turned the power off because they are doing work around the house or the power might have simply cut out. If all of this fails, then you can reprogram your remote and if that fails, you might need to replace your automatic door openers.

Automatic garage doors keep reopening

When your automatic garage doors appear to have closed, but they open again immediately, this is because the settings are incorrect. Your garage door thinks that the distance it has to fall before it is locked shut is longer than the actual distance. To fix this, you need to change the settings of the close limit switch and you can find information on how to do this job in your manual.

Automatic garage doors won’t open

If the power is on and you are pretty sure your remote automatic door openers are working, then if the doors won’t open, but the motor is running, check that the disconnect switch hasn’t been enabled. This is a safety switch that allows you to open and close the door manually when the power goes out. The other reason why your garage doors won’t open is that the springs are broken. These springs are the mechanism that actually lifts the heavy doors and if one or both of them are broken your garage doors will either struggle to open or won’t open at all. This is a big problem that is best left to the professionals who installed your garage doors.

If your automatic garage doors won’t work properly, call us for professional help or get a fast quote online today.

5 Easy to Fix Remote Control Garage Door Repairs You Can do Yourself

Remote control garage door repairs can be time consuming and frustrating, but there are some problems you can fix yourself, if you have the know-how. Knowing what is wrong with your automatic garage door, can often help you to decide whether it is something you can tackle yourself or whether it is best left to the professionals.

To help you decide whether you need to call in the big guns for your garage door repairs, remote control problems or you just need to book in for an overdue service, here are 5 reasons why your automatic garage door doesn’t work.

1. Dead batteries: As with any remote control, once the batteries are dead, it won’t work. So check the batteries in your remote first and if replacing them doesn’t work, check out the other common reasons for remote control garage door repairs below.
2. Photos eyes: These transmit an invisible beam between them and prevent the door closing if there is an obstacle in the way. Usually located about a foot or less off the ground on either side of the door, the actual lens can become dirty or they can be knocked out of position. Clean the eyes, make sure they are aligned correctly and that might fix your problem.
3. Obstacles: Another one of the remote control garage door repairs you can do yourself is to check for an obstruction that stops the doors from closing. If the photo eyes are working correctly, they might have been triggered because there is an obstacle on the ground, so check all around the area, remove any potential problems and try the doors again.
4. Power outage: This is a simple cause, but not one of the first we think of when the doors won’t open. So make sure the power is on and if not, use the manual override to make sure that your door does actually work.
5. Settings: All remote garage doors have certain settings that prevent the doors crashing into the ground. If these settings are too high, then the door will appear to close properly, but rebound, because it thinks it has hit an obstacle. You need to adjust these settings and the instructions will be in your instruction manual.

As you can see, remote control garage door repairs don’t have to be expensive, but if you have worked through these 5 problems and your doors still don’t work, it might be best to call in the professionals.

What Are The Advantages of Installing an Automatic Garage Door in Brisbane?

An automatic garage door in Brisbane is an invaluable asset to most home owners, who already understand the huge benefits from such a simple piece of equipment. However, if you are still stuck with a manually operated garage door that you need to haul open and closed all the time, then it is time to give your back a rest and upgrade!

So for everyone who doesn’t have an automatic garage door in Brisbane, let’s take a look at the convenience and added security that comes along when you install this wonderful invention in your home.
Convenience of automatic garage doors

There is nothing quite like pulling up in your driveway to an open garage door, parking and then having the door close behind you. On the other hand, you could park in your driveway, get out of your car and unlock the garage door, haul it open, get back in your car, drive into the garage and park. Then get out of the parked car and close the garage door yourself, usually doing all of this in the rain. An automatic garage door in Brisbane is simply far more convenient than a manually operated garage door, there is no question about it.

An automatic garage door in Brisbane increases security

When you install an automatic garage door, you add another layer of security to your home. Thieves can’t easily open your garage door once it is closed, because it is powered by a motor. So long as you keep the garage door in good working order and you install a sturdy lock in the internal door that opens into your home, an automatic garage door can help to keep thieves away. If you are worried about someone breaking in when you are away on holiday, you can actually buy a garage door that allows you to disable the remote controls, so that the door can only be opened from inside.

An automatic garage door is also helpful for people with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent them from lifting or lowering a heavy garage door. For a free quote on your new automatic garage door in Brisbane, call us on 07 3869 2525 or complete our online enquiry form.

An Expert Garage Door Repair Service vs a DIY Job – Which is Best?

When you have a problem with your garage door, it really pays to call in a professional garage door repair service rather than attempting to fix it yourself. If you don’t really know what you are doing and think that you can save money by not calling in a garage door repair service, here are 4 reasons why this might be a bad idea.

1. Risk of injury: You might be able to fix a manual roller door, but an automatic door is an entirely different beast. If the problem is to do with the door springs for example, as these are installed under a lot of tension, repairing or replacing them can actually cause injury to yourself or to someone else standing nearby. A professional garage door repair service can replace the springs safely, giving you a working door and keeping everyone safe.
2. Finding the parts: When you try to repair your garage door yourself, you have to source the right parts for your brand of door. This can take some time and you might have to order the parts. A repair service will have a large range of parts on hand and if they don’t have the parts for your garage, they can quickly source them from their suppliers.
3. Isolating the problem: A garage door repair service will have years of experience in fixing garage doors, so it won’t take them long to work out the problem and how to fix it. On the other hand, it can take you quite a while to isolate the problem and to decide the best way to fix it. This can be frustrating for you and all the while, your garage door isn’t working.
4.Warranty: When a professional company repairs your garage door they will guarantee their work. So if the same problem happens again or something goes wrong with the parts, you don’t have to keep looking for a solution yourself, you simply call up the repair service and since everything is under warranty, they will come out and fix the problem.

Calling a garage door repair service gives you peace of mind knowing that the problem has been fixed quickly and safely. For a free quote on repairing your garage door, call us on 07 3869 2525 or complete our online enquiry form.

5 Tips to Save Money on Remote Control Garage Door Repairs

With the increased cost of living today, the last problem you want is to spend money on remote control garage door repairs. If your garage door is slow to open or close, responds sluggishly, makes a lot of noise when operated or is off its tracks, then you will need to call in a repair team to fix the problem.

However, the best strategy is to keep your garage door in good working order at all times. If you follow our 5 tips, you can extend the life of your garage door and hopefully, you won’t need remote control garage door repairs for many years.

1. Tighten the bolts and brackets: The continual movement of your door opening and closing can loosen the bolts and brackets, so make sure that you check them regularly and tighten them if needed.

2. Oil all moving parts: Keeping the hardware oiled or greased is a great way to extend the life of your garage door and put off paying for remote control garage door repairs. So use a spray lubricant on the springs and a white lithium grease on the chains.

3. Test the balance: Disconnect the opener and manually open or close the door to about half way. If the garage door doesn’t continue to rise or fall, your door is balanced correctly, but if it continues to move, the springs are not balanced correctly and need adjusting (call us and we will fix this for you).

4. Inspect the rollers: These need to be replaced every few years for smooth operation of your garage door, which means that you need to inspect them regularly. Worn or cracked rollers need to be replaced, because the door will eventually come to a stop and won’t work correctly. Replacing rollers might not be the type of remote control garage door repairs that you want to do yourself.

5. Replace the seals: Your garage door has rubber seals on the bottom of the door to prevent rain from entering. These can become brittle and cracked over time and are an easy fix for home owners.

If you have any problems with the operation of your garage doors, call United Doors on 07 3869 2525 for fast and competitively priced remote control garage door repairs.